About Yoga

The main object of this Yoga is to establish eternity to the humanity. Yoga Friends Society in Kumbakonam was started with the sole object of making all human beings, without any exception, to realize the Limitless Origin, while in the physical body through wisdom revealed by the Kundalini, in conscious state.

This Yoga is all about rectifying adjusting and developing the human systems to make it fit to receive, sustain and absorb Plenty of Prana or abundant Energy of Limit less Origen, continuously and permanently without any exception or hindrances.

At the same time, it is also about evolution of Planetary and cosmic systems to facilitate the Plenty of Prana to flow to the Planet, continuously and permanently without any hindrance.

All this shall be made to take place without disturbing the regular process of creation and evolution.

So many forces in the planetary fields, cosmos as well as on the planet constantly thrive in this line, resulting in progress in the process of creation and evolution towards eternity.

Every devoted practitioner of this yoga is a privileged being to be part of this eternal mission.

Little introduction about the creation

Buy Tadalafil Tastylia Oral Strips Usa The Creation:

There are so many theories regarding Creation. Some are just beliefs, some are from spiritual scriptures, and some are with scientific reasoning, so on. However, broadly it is accepted that the whole creation has been created from out of a Creator or an ORIGIN.  Then, who is that Creator? What is the Creation? What was that, Created?

buy online Misoprostol 20 mcg The Creator and the Creation:

  1. As everything has come in to existence only after creation, there should have been nothing before creation.
  2. As the whole creation has taken shape from out of the Creator or the Origin, The Origin should be in existence, prior to creation which should be ‘Nothing’ or ‘Void’ or ‘Nil’ state.
  3. The Time, Space, Shape, Color, Expressions etc. are parts of creation; so the creator or Origin should have been beyond these qualities. Hence, the Creator cannot be limited by time or space or shape or color or expressions. In other words the Origin is limit less- Un-manifested (Nirgunam- Aroopa)
  4. As the whole creation is created from out of the Creator, the whole creation is within the scope of Creator. At the same time, there should have been a time when the whole thing has started and a volume that was created, so it is bounded by time and space. Hence the creation is limited - Manifested (Sagunam-Roopa)
  5. Now the Origen is in two parts one is limitless (Nirgunam- Aroopa) and the other is limited (Sagunam-Roopa) .
  6. In other words, when the limited is put in to limitless the Origen is complete and otherwise not. The creator and the creation are inseparable.

buy isotretinoin australia The Created:

  1. As the Creator and the Creation are inseparable, the created cannot be separate or different from the Creator or Origin.
  2. It is generally believed and accepted that an Atom or some element of that kind which constantly vibrates and generate enormous energy, has been got separated from out of the Origin which in turn developed in to the whole creation.
  3. As a seed, contains a tree with in it along with n’number of seeds in that tree as well as n’number of trees with in those seeds, so on and so forth, an Atom contains the whole creation in it at the conscious level. It is a seed of Creation. It also can be termed as a Hologram or a replica of Creation. All the activities of Creation will also take place within the Atom at a micro level.
  4. The whole creation is complexly textured with the principle of cause and effect. The seed being the cause and the tree being the effect at the same time the tree being the cause and the seed being the effect. Every cause turns in to effect at the same time every effect turns in to cause.
  5. A simple vibration in a remote atom can create repels of energy and spread in to whole of creation and catalyze the creation to prolong or expand, at the same time as a chain reaction, the very act catalyze the atom to vibrate. In this way, n’number of atoms, continuously vibrate and emit enormous energy in to the creation system and catalyze for the expansion.
  6. Change is the only constant phenomena in the creation. It is continues and never ending.
  7. The time is the gap between two incidents in Creation, The Space is the volume of the Created, Shape and Color are identity of the Created and the expression is the experience of the Created. Time, space, Shape and Colors are modes of expression.
  8. It is widely understood that at first, the whole creation was in the shape of Gasses containing Atoms or some element of that kind and from there the visible matter got created.
  9. In this process the visible Universe is created, where in our planet Earth is a very small particle floating in the space along with other planets, asteroids, Comets, Stars, Galaxies, Milky ways, Cosmos etc., etc., known and unknown.

The living planet:

  1. There are theories that living planets, like earth, might be in existence in many other star systems in the universe.
  2. As the Planet Earth is part and parcel of the creation, it has all the characteristics of the creation.
  3. The common understanding is that, masses of Gasses got separated from Son and the solar system was formed. The planet Earth, which is a part of Solar system also formed in the shape of Gasses. Slowly the Gasses got cooled down and the surface was solidified and minerals were formed.  Further Cooling created atmospheres and water in and around the surface of the planet. This is called Mineral form.
  4. Then THE LIFE started blossoming on the planet with the support of Life Force Energy or the Energy of the Limitless Origen (Prana). The first beings were Plants and Trees or Vegetation, which have growing and regenerating features but they are static and deep rooted in to the surface of the planet, which phenomena, restrict them from mobility. They are totally dependent on the surface of the planet for their survival. This is called Vegetation Form
  5. All the living beings’ physical bodies were created out of five core elements of the planet namely, Solid, Liquid, Heat, gas and ether or Space Material, and tuned to Origen’s energy (Prana), which make them, live. As long as the physical body is fit to survive, the Life Force Energy supports the system and as soon as the body decays due to any reason, it gets delinked, which in short called Death.
  6. After the Vegetation form, the next evolution was the creatures, which have Life, Growing and Regenerating features along with mobility. They are delinked from the surface of the planet and are independent and mobile. They can walk, they can swim and they can fly. They also had an organ called Brain, which controls their activity for their survival, which is called instinct. They are dependent on the plants, trees and co-creatures for their survival. They are called Animals and Birds. Their physical mechanism is amazingly designed, engineered and created by the Creator.  But, the same is subject to decay and death. This is called Animal form.
  7. After Animal form, the evolution further progressed and a further amazingly refined, redesigned and reengineered creature was got in to existence, which is called the Human Being. The main development in the latest evolution is, apart from the refined shape, the capacity of the brain is improved further and instinct is upgraded to intelligence. But the problem of decay of the physical body continued and the so amazingly created Human being is also getting subjected to death or mortality. This is called Human or Man form.


The Schools of thought

There are broadly two schools of thought in respect of ultimo of evolution.

The First School:

  1. It is believed that Human form is the ultimate in the evolution.
  2. It is further believed that every creature or being, which takes birth on planet, is certain to decay or die.
  3. The beings life lines are under the control and influence of planetary fields, stars and cosmos.
  4. Even though the physical body decays the soul or the life force in it, will take rebirth or attain heaven or hell, as per good or bad deeds of the being, while they were living.
  5. To avoid hell and to attain heaven, a series of activities are prescribed, to be followed by human beings during the life time.
  6. Among them worshipping and pleasing the Creator or Origin is one of the most preferred activities.
  7. To facilitate the worshipping, the Limitless Origin was attributed with Limited shapes, colors, names along with all virtuous, noble and moral qualities.
  8. A stream also believes that selfless service to needy beings, noble behavior and principled living are also modes to please the Origin, which pave ways to heavens.

Many Spiritual lines, rituals and Yoga methods, on the basis of the first School of Thought, are in vogue to facilitate the human beings to attain the Heavenly levels.

The Second School:

  1. It is believed that creation and evolution are never ending processes and would continue forever.
  2. The present Human form is not the ultimate. Improved versions will emerge or required rectifications would take place in the system of the present form of human being as well as in the planetary fields, stars and cosmos in due course, to affect the evolutional progress.
  3. The next evolution would be a being, which have all characteristics of a true human being with all virtuous, noble and moral qualities and its physical body would be permanent, eternal and immortal. The said being would enjoy the eternal or merry life not in heaven but on the planet itself.
  4. The being would attain independence from the control and influences of planetary fields, stars and cosmos.

Briktha Rahitha Tharaka Raja Yoga has been formulated on the basis of the Second School of Thought to facilitate the evolution process to progress and to develop the Eternal Human Being. It is also called as ‘New Yoga’ because; its concept is totally different from that of all other spiritual lines and yoga methods, which are in vogue.