About Master CVV


Master C.V.V. formulated Brikata Rahitha Taraka Raja Yoga in the year 1910 in Kumbakonam, which is one of the famous Holy towns in South India, situated on the banks of River Kaveri.

Canchupati Venkatrao Vencasami Rao, later known as Master C.V.V. was born on August 4th, 1868 in Kumbakonam.

During 1897 he came across Physiology and other writings of a German Author Mr. Luis Koone, which seeded him with the idea of achieving eternity with physical body.

He was also associated with Theosophical Society for some time and studied ‘The Secret Doctrine’

There is also one version that during year 1900 itself, he pursued his endeavor to find ways to eternity with physical body, involving four of his family members and a friend along with him.

He deeply pursued to decode the secrets of Creation, its Origin, Purpose and its Goals.

It is said that, during the year 1910, on one early in the morning, Master CVV received enormous cosmic energies through the Halley’s Comet. The people residing around his residence felt a big thunderbolt at that wee hours and a great lightning striking Master’s house. When all of them rushed to Master’s house, they could notice Master in a deep meditation posture with great glow on his face.

He started receiving regular messages from higher planes in cosmos, regarding the aims and objectives of this new Yoga and the systems and procedure to be followed to achieve the eternity or Merry Life with physical body for the mankind.

The said massages were noted by Master, date wise, in his Diaries and Notes, and were meticulously followed.

Master referred the forces who are guiding him from higher planes, as Mahathma, One Point and MTA.

It was made clear that, forms, shapes, meanings or relationships should follow url not be attributed to those higher forces.

At the same time, Master CVV also should get link not be linked to any physical or spiritual or mythological forms or names.

He established Yoga Friends’ Society and initiated 752 disciples; during the period 1910 to 1922, who are referred to as Mediums.

He regarded all his Mediums not as disciples but as friends.

As per his diaries he used to receive guidance and instructions regularly from MTA and the same were put to practice through Mediums and the results were recorded.

The higher-ups coined his name ‘MASTER CVV’ as the key mantra for the yoga, uttering which, the Mediums used to get tuned to higher planes in the cosmos.

During the days of Master, Vide his diaries and notes, to pursue the goal of attaining eternity, so many other mantras were also coined, which were referred to as Names, Adjustments, Principles and Courses etc; chanting of which in a regulated way, by the Mediums, rectifications and adjustments were used to take place in their systems, as well as in the planetary systems and in cosmos.

It was made clear that, any meanings, explanations or motives should not be attributed to those Mantras. They should be practiced only as per Master’s instructions and under his strict guidance.

Mediums were instructed not to dress up or behave differently in the society. He advised them to lead a simple and a responsible life.

As per notes of some of the Mediums, Master has treated and healed n’number of terminal diseases and even made many dead to resurrect.

The distinctive feature in Master CVV is, he vowed to develop his Mediums to attain his stature.

He asserted that – go “I am a developed soul. I require no development. I have come here to give you Development

As per some Mediums’ narrations, on 11.05.1922 evening, it was so happened that, Master left for higher planes in his Astral Body. Usually, in such occasions, he returns back to his Physical Body within few hours. But on that occasion, he did not return back even on the next day. The Orthodox people residing in and around that area concluded that, Master has deceased and insisted Master’s family members, for cremation of the body before sunset as per their customs. Having unable to convince them, the Mediums as well as family members, reluctantly had to make arrangements on that evening for cremation, on the banks of River Kavery. As soon as the pyre was lit, a thunder storm started down poring and cremation could not take place. On the next morning, once again when they tried to light the pyre, unprecedented floods came down the river and the flushing waters carried away Master’s body to unknown destinations.

The followers of Master Yoga trust and believe that, he is continuing his work from higher planes along with other forces, for accomplishment of the task. They also experience, feel and strongly believe that, whoever joins the Yoga and devote for accomplishment of the task, are being guided and taken care of by the Master.

They always feel the presence of Master with them and within them.